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The 7 steps of hand painting a MadeRo Concept Product!

Dear reader,

Because we pride ourselves being distinct from every other brand, our hand painting process may look simple but you should know that we treat each product with utmost care. Just think as this steps are like making the perfect cake, or stake depending on your culinary preferences.:)

Step 1. Only Perfect Makes It! -Quality Control

Before painting the artwork, we inspect each product carefully for any flaws or defects that may occur in the crafting process. If this happens, we sent the item back to our manufacturing partners for a re-do. It doesn’t matter how minor is the defect. Our policy is “ If it`s not perfect, it`s not good”.


Step 2. Make it clean is the new IN! / Clean, dry, gloves on!

This step is very important! If the factory finish is not removed, the paint won’t be absorbed by the material. For this we use a high grade professional preparer and deglazer. Also in this stage, we remove all dust particles, fingerprints and other impurities that may affect the artwork.

*This stage is not necessary for items crafted from fabrics.

While we wait for the deglazer to dry completely, let`s put some gloves on and start having some fun!


Step 3. Say NO to stencils!

Do you remember when we said “we are different from every other brand”? That`s because we don’t use stencils. Using them means that products are not unique. Also stencils are for lazy people. :)

Because we have illustrators on our team, on this phase we do sketches directly on the item, thus making our products one of a kind.

NOTE: If the product is custom made, the customer receives first on e-mail a design made on her/ his requirements for approval. Then sketching begins.


Step 4. Paint on!

Now let`s start the fun part! If the sketch is done, we start painting. This process takes some time, but we never do things in a hurry. Each coat of paint needs to dry before adding the next. Sometimes we wait hours, sometimes minutes depending on the type of paint/ special marker we use. If this sounds to long, remember “Perfect” need time!

We use a variety of professional high grade markers, inks and paints carefully matched to the material/ texture of the product.


Step.5 Beauty lies in the details!

This is the stage that we like most! Now the design comes to life through the imagination of our artists, even if first it just looked like splashes of color.

After the base colors dried completely, our artists hand paint each detail, each shade, each small dot with utmost delicacy and care. Just think: when you look at a MadeRo Concept hand painted flower, you will remember the sunny days of summer!


Step.6 Almost there!

This is the last stage before we send or products to your door step.

With the details being done, we re-check the hand painted product for any flaws that may occur in the painting process. If any spotted, we carefully remove it with a special solution, but as we said we don’t work in hurry and only “Perfect” makes it.

One more step and we are done… We apply a professional finisher among with a special conditioner for a high shine.

Why do we do this? Even if our paints are waterproof, those two solutions are necessary to keep MadeRo Hand painted items, looking clean, longer.

IMPORTANT! Always remember that a MadeRo Hand painted product can last a lifetime, if you treat it well. So please fallow our Care Guide.


Step.7 Now you own a piece of art!

We now label our products, place them in special cotton bag that will help you store them correctly and ship them to your home. Isn`t this just perfect?

If we managed to catch your eye with our small perky details don’t hesitate and start owning a unique MadeRo hand painted piece of art! Our products are suited for every taste, every style and every occasion.

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